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    Saenz engine dynos are designed for professional engine tests. Since 1974 we make hydraulic brakes with great control, stability and low maintenance. Powered with a high technology data acquisition system and software, the dynos deliver accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability like no other in the market.

    AT | HS
    Big Diesel Engine Dynos

    AT and HT Dynos are the best tool to verify and certificate any rebuilding or service made on a Diesel engine.

    These brakes are made for specific test on Diesel engines with high torque and low speed. They are able to dissipate big amounts of heat generated by the engine load for long periods of time keeping stable conditions at different levels of torque delivered. This allow to build an accurate report of the engine shape.

    AT and HT brakes have a big rotor diameter which make them strong with an improved design that makes heat dissipation very effective. This characteristics ensure their low maintenance and a service life time of more than 30 years.

    AT Speed: 800-4000 rpm
    Capacity AT2: 600 HP a 1500 rpm
    AT3: 1000 HP a 1500 rpm
    AT6: 1800 HP a 1500 rpm
    AT8: 2400 HP a 1500 rpm
    AT10: 3000 HP a 1500 rpm
    HT Speed: 500-2500 rpm
    HT3: 1000 HP a 800 rpm
    HT4: 1350 HP a 800 rpm
    HT6: 2000 HP a 800 rpm


    Universal Engine Stand

    A wheeled stand allows to mount the engine out of the test cell, carry and dock it easily to the dyno. Several alternatives are done, for 2000, 3000, 5000 and even 13000kg engines. All the stands have a rear plate with SAE Engine Flywheel Housing: #6, #5, #4, #3, #2, #1, #1/2, #0 and #00.

    Control Desk

    Stainless steel board, contains all the dynos commands, throttle body actuator and brake torque control valve. With a 22? led TV where dyno measurements can be seen.

    Heat Exchanger

    Replace the car radiator in the dyno, keeps the engine water stable at the desired temperature.
    Dissipation: 1000-1500hp

    Data acquisition system for Dynos (SMAC)

    SMAC is a powerful data acquisition system that works with the highest technology. It is a modular system that allow to increase as much data channels as required. Communicates to the computer through optic fiber what avoid electric noise troubles which are very common on a dyno environment. The software is very friendly with multiple tools to analyze the information obtained.

    The acquisition software shows every test curve at real time during the essay. Results can be seen on flexibles graphics where every data can be compared and analyzed with as many tests as required. Multiple format Data tables are built to make the desired engine reports.

    Auxiliar Sensors

    • Weather Station: reads the temperature, moisture and pressure conditions in the test cell. The software calculates with this information the correction factor for torque and power of the engine.

    • Water Temperature

    • Oil Temperature

    • Exhaust Temperature

    • Fuel Pressure

    • Oil Pressure

    • Lambda readings

    • Air Consumption

    • Fuel Consumption

    • Blow by

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