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    Chassis dynos test the complete vehicle, measures power and can also be a powerful tool for diagnosis. Measurements are done on the wheel and the power the wheel deliver is first measurement, transmission losses between engine and wheel can also be measured, and so the engine power. They allow to make tests inside the shop avoiding road tests which are dangerous and give much more information. We make several dyno alternatives: inertial, with hydraulic or electric brakes and combined; for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and kart.

    Chassis Dynos
    Chasis dyno with hydraulic brake

    BFH is the suitable dyno to make vehicle diagnosis, for cars, trucks ore ven big buses. A hydraulic brake is coupled to the rolls and allow to simulate any road situation for long periods of time and can measure power, check ECU fails or measure exhaust gases.


    Easy to run

    The hydraulic brake generates a controled and adjustable load on the moving wheels of the vehicle. Vehicles enter and leave the dyno very easily thanks to its pneumatic/hydraulic elevator actuated by a wireless remote control. Maintenance is very low and simple.

    Mobile Fun

    The mobile fan keeps the vehicles temperature controlled. The 1,5/4CV fan has a conducting cone with flow deflectors to keep stable conditions to the engine during the tests.

    Data acquisition system

    SMAC is a powerful data acquisition system that works with the highest technology. It is a modular system that allow to increase as much data channels as required. Communicates to the computer through optic fiber what avoid noise troubles. The software is very friendly with multiple tools to analyze the information obtained. The system has basic sensor channels for rpm, torque and weather station and also several auxiliary channels for any kind of sensor. A inductive sensor can read the engine rpm for automatic synchronization between rolls and engine. This way test can be easily performed by one person from the vehicle. The software shows every test curve at real time during the essay. Results can be seen on flexibles graphics where every data can be compared and analyzed with as many tests as required. Multiple format Data tables are built to make the desired engine reports.

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