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    Competition cars and 1/4 Mile

    Chassis dynos test the complete vehicle, measures power and can also be a powerful tool for diagnosis. Measurements are done on the wheel and the power the wheel deliver is first measurement, transmission losses between engine and wheel can also be measured, and so the engine power. They allow to make tests inside the shop avoiding road tests which are dangerous and give much more information. We make several dyno alternatives: inertial, with hydraulic or electric brakes and combined; for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and kart.

    Chassis Dynos
    inertial and inertial with electric brake - Double and Simple Traction

    BPVI is a very easy to install and run dyno. With high inertia to ensure engines develop their power on the tests, making them repeatable and accurate. Only one person perform quick accurate tests from the car. Roll diameter is 600mm what simulates the contact between wheel and road avoiding big rolling losses and reducing the chance of measuring mistakes and allowing higher test speeds. Rolls edge can hold more than 2500kg per edge vehicles and their surface do not allow sliding.


    Parasite currents brake

    Todos los bancos de rodillos tienen la opción de incorporar el freno de corrientes parásitas para dar carga a los ensayos. De esta manera es posible mantener condiciones de marcha a velocidad y torque sostenidos, ensayos de barrido de rpm o punto a punto. El sistema cuenta con un control del torque que permite ajustar los niveles de carga o velocidad automáticamente, simular marcha real en ruta con factores de fricción de aire configurables e histogramas de marcha.

    Easy tu run

    BPVI has a pneumatic brake to hold the roll during the vehicle entrance or to quickly finish the tests after reaching high speeds. An inductive sensor can read the engine rpm for automatic synchronization between rolls and engine. This way test can be easily performed by one person from the vehicle.

    Power and Torque Measurement on Wheel, engine and transmission losses

    Essays on the BMI allow to measure torque and power on the Wheel, engine and also the power losses on transmission between engine and Wheel.

    Mobile Fan

    The mobile fan keeps the vehicles temperature controlled. The 1,5/4CV fan has a conducting cone with flow deflectors to keep stable conditions to the engine during the tests.

    Data acquisition system

    SMAC is a powerful data acquisition system that works with the highest technology. It is a modular system that allow to increase as much data channels as required. Communicates to the computer through optic fiber what avoid noise troubles. The software is very friendly with multiple tools to analyze the information obtained. The system has basic sensor channels for rpm, torque and weather station and also several auxiliary channels for any kind of sensor. A inductive sensor can read the engine rpm for automatic synchronization between rolls and engine. This way test can be easily performed by one person from the vehicle. The software shows every test curve at real time during the essay. Results can be seen on flexibles graphics where every data can be compared and analyzed with as many tests as required. Multiple format Data tables are built to make the desired engine reports.

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