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    Saenz Flowbenches are measurement tools designed for high performance work. Calibrated under ASME MFC-3M-2007 norm, they measure flow under different working pressures on any conduct. They can perform complementary measurements of turbulence, air speed at any specific point with pitot tubes and also vacuum on carburetors booster.

    Modular design. Our flowbenches offer the option to upgrade them any time. Automatic pressure control can be easily added to a manually operated flowbench and also the measurement and automated valve movement. J series are the completely automated option, the flowbench performs all the tests without the operator driving: work pressure and valve lift are controlled and set regarding the test set up, you only need to select flow direction (intake or exhaust).

    Acquisition software has different tests types, specific for cylinder head, carburetors or air speed maps building all with a wide range of tools to analyze and compare the results.





    Flowbench J-150 J-400 J-600 J-1000
    Capacity 150 cfm @ 28¨ of water 400 cfm @ 28¨ of water 600 cfm @ 28¨ of water 1000 cfm @ 28¨ of water
    Dimensions 52 x 60 x 50 cm 90 x 80 x 75 cm 90 x 70 x 100 cm 110 x 90 x 110 cm
    Weight 70kg 125kg 180kg 240kg
    Electric Source 220/240 VAC, monophasic 50/60 Hz 240/380 VAC, threephase 50/60 Hz 240/380 VAC, threephase 50/60 Hz 240/380 VAC, threephase 50/60 Hz
    Max Consumption 10 Amp 10 Amp per phase 15 Amp per phase 25 Amp per phase
    Flow Direction Intake and Exhaust Intake and Exhaust Intake and Exhaust Intake and Exhaust


    Valve Actuator

    It has two components: a Mitutoyo digital dial indicator which measures with great accuracy the valve lift and the actuator that moves the valve regarding the target position. This ensures high accuracy and repeatability measurements and also is very easy to set up the tests.

    Turbulence Meter

    The air flow turbulence exist permanently inside the engine and it affects the fuel mixture and pressure. The turbulence meter measures the swirl generated on any conduct and helps understand what is the air doing inside the cylinder head or any type of conduct.

    Pitot Tubes

    The use of Pitot tubes on cylinder heads allows to find the speed and direction of the air on any point of the conduct. This way, it is possible to follow the air behavior and find high or low speed zones to work with. The tubes have the suitable size and shape to be used on any conduct for intake and exhaust. They are built with stainless steel with a 2,1 mm diameter which does not affects the flow during measurements.

    Acquisition System

    Software is friendly to use, simple but with a big amount of tools to analyze the performed measurements and produce flow and efficiency reports. The results are shown on line during the tests on comparative graphs and data tables with the option to hold all your part information to make a data base of your work.

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