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    Cam Measuring System

    Cam Pro Plus is a software and sensor package for measuring and analyzing lifter and valve motion profiles. This is also a good tool for measuring duration, opening, closing, centerline, lobe separation, and cam factor. It features easy to use software and accurate sensors. Cams can be measured on its test stand or installed in the engine.

    Cam Pro Plus simplifies cam measurement setup. Test setup is easy with its universal cam diagram system. Just match the diagram to the layout of the lobes on your cam and number the cylinders on the cylinder map. It even comes with pre-defined setups for common engines. The result is an easy setup that doesn't sacrifice flexibility.

    Cam Pro Plus is accurate. The standard rotary sensor measures to 1/10 degree. The standard linear sensor can resolve 1 micron (0.00004 inches. Powerful graphics in Cam Pro Plus make analysis quick and easy. You can overlay motion, velocity, acceleration, and jerk curves for both follower and valve motion. Add or remove curves or lobes with a single keystroke. Multilevel zoom aids inspection of fine details. Cam Pro Plus makes it easy to play what if. Base circle runout, valve lash, and rocker ratio can be adjusted individually for each lobe.

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