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    Saenz engine dynos are designed for professional engine testing. Since 1974 we have been manufacturing smooth control, robust, safe and low maintenance hydraulic brakes. Equipped with Smac data acquisition system with automatic control of RPM and motor torque that allows to perform tests with maximum precision, sensitivity and repeatability.

    Performance Engine Dynos

    DR brakes are a specific design for performance engines, and therefore respond with great stability and sensitivity at high speeds. They are the most required engine dyno in the performance market in Argentina and South America.

    Built with hydraulic seals and high-speed bearings that give the brakes long life with minimal maintenance. The brake is mounted on a metal base coated with epoxy resin where the braking water is discharged.

    The dynamometer is also equipped with a 5.5hp electric motor starting system with an automatic ratchet and pulley mechanism. It is linked to the motors with a drive shaft with joints protected by a safety cover.

    DR3 Brake capacity for steady conditions and smooth control


    Automatic Control

    DR3 dyno is equipped with a control system that allows automatic tests, ensuring excellent repeatability, very comfortable and easy operation and eliminating the "operator error". The control sets the brake load to adjust the engine RPM automatically and according to the configured RPM limits and test length, it runs a test only by pushing a button.

    It includes an electronically operated valve that avoids going through the command console with the water pipes. The valve can also be commanded with a knob to work manually in the traditional way.

    Engine docking cart

    The engine base allows the motor to be mounted outside the test room and then easily entered and fixed to the brake base. With capacity to mount engines up to 600kg and two adaptable rear plates for different engine blocks and flywheel sizes.

    Control and Command Desk

    Stainless steel board, contains all the dynos commands, throttle body actuator and brake torque control. With a 24” led TV where the dyno software is displayed.

    Engine cooling column

    Replace the car radiator in the dyno, keeps the engine water stable at the desired temperature.
    Capacity: 600hp

    Data acquisition system(SMAC)

    Data acquisition system Smac works with the highest technology. It has easy-to-use software with a large number of tools for visualization and analysis of tests.
    The system allow to add modules so the number of data channels can be expanded to add accessory sensors as much as desired. Communication is done through fiber optics avoiding all kinds of electrical noise problems, which is very important in the dynamometer environment, usually susceptible to this phenomenon.

    Acquisition software displays the power and torque curves in real time as the test is performed. Results can be viewed on flexible charts where all measured parameters and the number of different tests required can be compared. It is also possible to build comparative tables and reports of measurements.

    Auxiliar Sensors

    • Weather Station: reads the temperature, moisture and pressure conditions in the test cell. The software calculates with this information the correction factor for torque and power of the engine.

    • Water Temperature

    • Oil Temperature

    • Exhaust Temperature

    • Fuel Pressure

    • Oil Pressure

    • Lambda readings

    • Air Consumption

    • Fuel Consumption

    • Blow by

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