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    Chassis Dynos allow to test vehicles and measure power without having to dismount the engine. Power and torque available in the wheel, engine and losses in the transmission can be measured. These dynos allow testing in the shop, avoiding street or road tests which mean risk, difficulties and imprecise conclusions.
    We build alternatives for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and karting, in inertial format, with electric or hydraulic brake and also combined.

    BPVI – Performance Inertial Chassis Dynos
    With Eddy current brakes, 2WD, 4WD and AWD

    BPVI are very easy to install dynamometers, they do not require water pipes, just connect sensors and are ready to test. Operation is simple and fast, with a new data acquisition system that gives great precision and repeatability. Various models are manufactured according to the power to be measured, double and single traction and with the option of the eddy current brake.

    We manufacture different models according to type of vehicle and power to be measured. Inertial tests do not have a physical test limit, any vehicle can be mounted on the rollers and make an acceleration test. The limitation in these cases will be the quality of the measurement: as more power is tested, inertia must be higher, if it is not enough, the run will be too fast. In these cases the measurement will be inconsistent and not repetitive, with a significant margin of error.

    Rolls have a special surface grip that avoids slipping and allows to reduce the load of the vehicle on the roller, minimizing heating and deformation. These dynos are also equipped with a pneumatic brake to stop the roller at the end of the tests and lock it for assembly and departure.


    AWD linked rolls

    The four-wheel drive versions have a mechanical wheelbase adjustment, for automatic all-wheel drive (AWD) it is necessary to link the axles of the rollers to ensure that the speed of all the wheels is the same and the vehicle does not go into failure. This connection is made with high resistance pulleys and timing belts capable of transmitting all the power developed in the dynamometer.

    Eddy Current Retarder

    All chassis dynos have the option to fix an eddy current brake to give variable load to the tests. It is possible to maintain real conditions at sustained speed and torque. The system has a torque control that adjust the load or speed levels automatically, this way the complete injection map can be adjusted in all throttle positions. Another test program is the simulation of real road with different air friction factors and/or configurable slopes in historic chart.

    Data acquisition system

    Smac is a high-tech data acquisition system that offers maximum precision and repeatability. Measurements show real data since the dynamometer allows to carry out quality tests, no interpolations are made that “draw” unreal curves and hide details of the real performance of the vehicle.

    The equipment communicates with fiber optics which avoids electric noise problems in an environment as complex as a dyno test room. With dedicated software with very simple operation that records and presents reports of engine performance and all the variables according to different test programs. The system has basic channels for measuring rpm, torque and power, a weather station and offers a variable number of channels for other types of sensors that you wish to incorporate, such as a lambda probe, pyrometer, temperature or pressure sensors, etc.

    Smac also includes an inductive sensor that monitors the engine revolutions and allows the motor and roller rpm to be synchronized automatically. This way, the tests are carried out in a comfortable and agile way, requiring only one person without having to get off the vehicle.

    Easy tu run

    BPVI has a pneumatic brake to hold the roll during the vehicle entrance or to quickly finish the tests after reaching high speeds. An inductive sensor can read the engine rpm for automatic synchronization between rolls and engine. This way test can be easily performed by one person from the vehicle.

    Power and Torque Measurement on Wheel, engine and transmission losses

    Essays on the BMI allow to measure torque and power on the Wheel, engine and also the power losses on transmission between engine and Wheel.

    Mobile Fan

    The mobile fan keeps the vehicles temperature controlled. The 1,5/4CV fan has a conducting cone with flow deflectors to keep stable conditions to the engine during the tests.

    Trailer Dynos

    Versions of the different dyno models mounted on trailers are manufactured as a transportable option. Fully equipped with lights, elastics, shock absorbers, tires and wheels. Spherical hitch and telescopic legs.

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