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    The installation of dynamometers requires an interdisciplinary analysis between different areas of engineering, therefore calculations and studies of different elements involved in the dyno operation must be carried out for the correct installation.

    All the dynamometers include an installation instructions with specifications and recommendations of the different technical aspects that the installation requires. However, as the dynamometer must be able to work with more power and with increasingly longer test times, the facilities become more complex and require more knowledge and experience. This is why we offer to carry out the complete installation project, with all the engineering calculations and a detailed study of each technical aspect for each particular case. In this way, all the details of the requirements to be carried out for the preparation of the dyno room are available, ensuring an efficient solution that guarantees optimal operation.

    As the complexity of the projects requires, visits are established before, during and after the development of the installation, agreeing with the user on all technical and functional definitions.

    Elements of the engineering project

    • Global project:
      Complete planning of all components using 3D software, general plant layout.

    • Civil works
      Study of civil structure, foundations, anti-vibration foundations, masonry, etc.

    • Hydraulic components
      Calculation of pumps, tanks, cooling towers, piping and valves

    • Fuel components
      Calculation of tanks, pumps and piping

    • Ventilation
      Calculation of forcers, extractors, air filtration, extraction hoods and ducts. Flow and head loss study using CFD computational fluid dynamic simulation.

    • Acoustics
      Noise study to comply with current regulations, calculation of cladding with absorbent and anti-reverberant materials, calculation and design of acoustic windows and openings, measurements of noise in situ for analysis of improvements.

    • Electrical installation and lighting
      calculation of electrical installation components, calculation of lighting.

    Engineering project Documentation

    All the documentation necessary for the construction and complete installation of the engine test benches is delivered with the engineering projects.

    • General Plant layout

    • Civil works plans

    • Hydraulic equipment plans

    • Ventilation plans (extraction hood, fans, filters and support structures)

    • Plans of acoustic windows and openings

    • Electrical installation and lighting plans

    • Complete calculation memory

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